Sodalis Group donates medical equipment and products to the Hospitals affected by Coronavirus emergency

Sodalis Group companies decided to contribute to the Coronavirus emergency by supporting the Hospitals closed to our Headquarter, on the frontline in facing CoVID-19 infection. The Group will donate medical and protective equipment, essential for the care of patients affected by CoVID-19, for a value of 100.000 euro, to the Ospedale Maggiore in Lodi, Ospedale Maggiore in Cremona and Ospedale Maggiore in Crema. Moreover the Group companies are committed to donate an important supply of their owned branded products, for a value of 400.000 euro, to the medical and healthcare staff of 39 Italian Hospitals, such as protecting and moisturizing hand lotions, soothing face creams, disinfectant hand cleaners, body and face detergents for the proper personal daily care, hygiene and wellbeing.