The creative laboratory was set up in the ‘nineties to stay ahead of colour, fashion and style trends. The lab supplies conceptual and visual support that touches on every aspect of the marketing mix. In order to monitor changing tastes, especially in cosmetics, the atelier relies on research and data generated by qualified international trend spotters.

Along with outside sources, information is also gleaned in-house through careful monitoring of the media and events in various sectors, from cosmetics to fashion and accessories, design and lifestyle trends. In a nutshell, the focus is on whatever is driving or shaping spending patterns, and the aim is to pick up consumer trends, using a wide variety of methods including peer group benchmarking. The results are then analysed to set the right mood for the collection, and ensure a perfect fit with the spirit of each individual brand. This of course demands close cooperation with the marketing department. And last, but certainly not least, come the labels, packaging and surface finishes for powder products, making every product a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

The colour atelier also has its own blog, “creative affinities”, which is a great place for sharing breakthroughs, news about cosmetics, and much, much more with readers and fans.