Innovation, design, fashion and emerging trends are embedded in the Deborah Group’s DNA.


In 2000 Deborah Group took the brand’s focus on beauty to a whole new level, bringing its corporate image and products into the spellbinding realm of design. Calling on some of Italy’s most celebrated designers to create the packaging, the company put out a number of exclusive make-up collections that were regarded as miniature works of art. Inspiration was drawn from the colour spectrum, nature and architectural forms, and every object delivered a multi-sensory beauty experience. The Deborah Group forged partnerships with big-name designers like Mario Trimarchi, Stefano Giovannoni and Lina Obregón.

Around the same time, Deborah decided to further emphasise its ties with the design world by taking on the name of the design capital of the world:  now renamed “Deborah Milano”, the brand personification became that of Italian make-up designers.


The colour atelier

The only way to be an innovation leader is to stay ahead of the curve, which is why the Deborah Group’s Colour Atelier has been tirelessly cool-hunting since the early 1990s in an effort to spot emerging beauty and lifestyle trends before they hit full force. Besides receiving input from the foremost international trend-watching institutions, the Atelier constantly scans the horizon for whatever is changing or driving consumer spending patterns. Sources include the media and events in a wide range of sectors, from cosmetics to fashion and from design to the leisure industry.


Design week

In 2008 Deborah Milano grasped the opportunity to further bolster its emphasis on fine design by bringing Italy’s internationally acclaimed interior design magazine INTERNI on board.  Over the years some of the most influential Italian and international designers have created genuine works of art for Deborah Milano. Their installations, inspired by the brand’s beauty, colour and values, have been exhibited in a most spectacular setting: the magnificent courtyards of the University of Milan.

The Formula Pura line took pride of place in Deborah Milano’s 2017 installation “SKIN CASE. Second skin. From White to Nude”, designed by STUDIO MAMO for White in the City.