Deborah Milano Make-up Academy

Deborah Group and the Clerici Foundation have pooled their vast expertise to set up the Deborah Milano Make-up Academy, a learning facility whose sole aim is to help participants make their way confidently into or back to the job market.

Forming a partnership that arguably has what it takes to succeed, the Clerici Foundation and Deborah Milano have created a modern learning tool that will add weight to the brand’s time-honoured mission on the Italian market. The Luigi Clerici Foundation was an obvious choice as a highly respected name in the field of vocational education and training for the last 40 years, with a focus on young people who have not completed their compulsory education and adult job-seekers.

Beauty and wellbeing is one of the Foundation’s core sectors. Diploma courses in beauty therapy and hairdressing help young people get onto the job ladder, and specialised courses also offer them the opportunity to learn how to start their own business.

The Deborah Milano Make-up Academy welcomes those who already have beautician skills, those who have completed three-year wellbeing courses, those seeking specialist skills, and those who have a job but wish to add or enhance certain techniques. Classroom learning is just as essential as on-the-job training and work experience. When businesses work hand in hand with providers of education and training, the gap between consumer needs and producer response is minimised.

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