SINCE 1910


Established in italy in 1910, bonetti frères laboratories chose to specialise in skin care products, formulating the famous diadermine cream. Over the years, bonetti frères laboratories, renamed deborah group laboratories, channelled an amazing wealth of know-how into seeking, and achieving, the perfect balance between cosmetic performance and safety. Enduring and rewarding partnerships with eminent scientists and research organisations provide a guarantee of effectiveness, dermocompatibility and bioaffiinity across all treatment areas: today, that pioneering spirit is alive and well, with ground breaking products being studied and marketed in the relentless pursuit of effective biologically based formulations, designed to help women feel good about themselves and their looks, with the added assurance of proven quality.


Throughout its 100-year history, deborah group laboratories have produced the kind of cutting edge skin care formulas that women everywhere have always craved. Underlying the brand’s success are unique synergies achieved by combining formidable in-house expertise with technical support provided by high-profile scientific and research centres, independent testing laboratories and universities. The result is three different skincare brands, embodying three different approaches towards nature and innovation.

Dermolab is the treatment line enriched with latest-generation hyaluronic acid to preserve skin’s “youth assets” and lower the biological age of skin by up to 10 years.

Deborah bioetyc is all about placing nature’s energy at the service of beauty. This line embodies the unremitting search to strike the perfect balance between nature and science. One basic concept runs through every formula in the deborah bioetyc line: pure plant energy.

Hightech cosmetics: as its name suggests, hightech cosmetics provides visible, instant, proven results. The deborah group research team has created one of the most highly reactive and technologically advanced luxury cosmetics brands on the market.

For 100 years now, deborah group laboratories have been synonymous with safety, quality and innovation placed at the service of women’s beauty. As well, the outstanding performance and extreme tolerability of every deborah group product are backed by rigorous testing programmes.


Every year deborah group laboratories come up with novel technologies and product concepts: the remit is to develop ultra-comfortable, dermatologically tested formulations that arouse the senses and at the same time meet ambitious marketing targets.

The job of the lab team is to seek out new raw materials and formulas, and test their effectiveness and safety profile. Colour experts delve into the magical realm of pigments, powders and creams with a craftsman’s passion and a couturier’s genius for creating bespoke colours, transforming the unique texture and colour of velvet into a lipstick.